[SUSTAINABILITY] How much energy is spent on data storage? How much energy data storage costs? What is the cost of data storage?

It appears as if the data we leave behind on the Internet every day is “floating around” somewhere in
the digital space. However, our data is actually stored in large buildings – data centres. One such canter
was established three years ago in Kragujevac, under the name Government Data Centre, and it stores
the data of Serbian citizens, as well as the data of domestic and foreign companies. According to some
estimates, data centres around the world use about 200 TWh (terawatt-hours) of energy per year, which
is roughly equal to the amount of energy spent by countries such as Sweden or Argentina in the same
period. Data storage now emits more carbon dioxide than the commercial airline industry, which
currently stands at approximately 2% of global emissions.
The need for data storage continues to grow, and so does the number of data centres consuming
electricity around the world. Considering how important big data is to numerous aspects of our lives,
such as healthcare, education, business and many others, reducing the negative impact of data storage
on the environment is becoming an increasingly important issue.