In the era of satellites, the Internet and powerful computers, we finally have the opportunity to make
decisions based on facts, and the key to success lies precisely in data. One of the areas undergoing the
most dynamic changes on the wings of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is agriculture. Now, more than
ever, it is imperative for producers to increase yields, reduce costs and grow higher-quality products. It
is with this goal in mind that the BioSens Institute developed the digital platform AgroSens, which
represents an important step in the digitization of Serbian agriculture aiming to give farmers quick and
simple access to data, as well as to provide excellent scientific results achieved by the BioSens Institute
in the field of artificial intelligence, satellite image processing and development of sensor networks, to
the wider community for use. Having insight into these and other data that are available to us thanks to
satellites, farmers can step into the new era of production, in which they will be able to have higher and better yields of the most diverse agricultural crops in the most optimal way.

Thanks to the research successes of BioSens and their participation in European scientific projects, Serbia has become the only country outside the European Union that has free broadband access to images from the Sentinel satellite of the European Space Agency, and AgroSens makes full use of this opportunity. Sentinel
satellites record crops every five days at a 10 m spatial resolution and allow users to observe their fields
from a completely new perspective.