The beginning of the great transformation

Technological innovation has been the key factor, which has enabled the emergence of big data.
However, more importantly, it has led to changes in the way we think about all the ways data can be
used. The application of big data in various fields has started to radically change our social reality. The
scale of these data sets and the speed with which they were processed, have opened up incredible
possibilities, the end of which is not yet in sight. The quantitative change led to the qualitative change.
The arrival of big data marks the beginning of a major transformation. Just as the telescope has enabled
us to understand the universe, and the microscope to understand bacteria, new techniques for
gathering and analysing vast amounts of information are helping us discover and learn about the world
in ways we are only beginning to appreciate. However, the real revolution is not in the machines that
handle these huge databases of information, but in the data itself and how we use it.
The era of big data is increasingly affecting the way we live and interact with the world. In order to be
able to respond to the challenges posed by the new information society, we should realize that it is
already here and that now the ball is in our court.