Thirty high school students from 15 municipalities across Serbia attended the M3 Makers Lab this year.
Interested youngsters gathered intending to create their own projects related to big data and artificial
intelligence. The multidisciplinary approach of the program was enhanced by the fact that team
members come from high schools as well as technical and art schools. In addition to scientific
communicators who study various fields of social, technical and natural sciences, this year, the
participants are supported by external collaborators from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Faculty of Mathematics, as well as collaborators from the industry who will guide their ideas and
contribute with their professional and up-to-date knowledge. By interacting with their projects, you will
have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the mathematics behind artificial intelligence
algorithms, while the role of artificial intelligence in society is re-examined through the project’s
narrative and themes. What is big data, where do we collect it and how it is used are just some of the
questions that the participants of this year’s M3 Makers Lab will try to answer through their projects.

Artificial intelligence helps us do many things faster and simpler than before, but the development of
such algorithms brings with it the need for society to adapt. This year’s line-up of M3 Makers Lab will
make you wonder how by using well-known mathematical principles, we managed to push the
boundaries of technology today, as well as what kind of future we are creating for all of us with the help
of mathematics.