In previous decades, the following phrase was true – if you don’t know, ask Google. In recent years,
however, there are many more of “those” we can ask when we don’t know something or need help. We
have opened the door to the world of ChatGPT and GPT technology – where artificial intelligence and
human communication meet! Have you ever wondered how Siri knows what you’re saying or how
Google Assistant understands your every command? This is made possible by the natural language
processing technology that powers ChatGPT, the so-called natural language processing and large
language models.

But what exactly is GPT? Imagine that a very smart language expert lives in your computer and
translates your requests to your computer, ready to understand and respond to all your language needs.
It can translate natural languages, write emails and even generate images.
At the exhibit, you will have the opportunity to discover what GPT technology can do and how it works.
But not only that. You will also be able to have a conversation with ChatGPT, see how it thinks, and if it
can fool you like a real intelligent being.