[HEALTH CARE] Personalized medicine

Big data could represent a real revolution in healthcare. If doctors had more information about us, they
would be able to make better diagnoses and therefore recommend better treatments. The combination
of clinical data from our health records and data about our diet, lifestyle and other aspects of our lives is
key to improving healthcare.

New technologies will allow us to continuously monitor our health using different types of sensors. With
this kind of data about us, doctors will have a much better insight into our condition and they will be
able to develop a personalized approach to treating their patients.

The personalization of medicine would represent significant progress. By analysing a person’s genetic
data, researchers can identify specific gene mutations or variations that may increase the risk of
developing certain diseases or conditions. This information could then be used to tailor medical
treatments and interventions based on a patient’s unique genetic profile, potentially improving
treatment outcomes and reducing the risk of side effects.