[SECURITY] Predicting crime

In Minority Report, Spielberg’s science fiction film, which takes place in 2054, police can predict a crime
and arrest the perpetrator even before the crime itself has been committed. Will predicting crime by
using data analysis ever be possible? The reality is that several American cities are already using
“predictive surveillance” successfully. Based on the analysis of large amounts of data from various
sources, algorithms determine which streets require additional attention from police officers. According
to PredPol, one of the main suppliers of this type of software, the effect of this approach will be more
arrests, but also lower crime rates.
An experiment conducted in the English city of Kent showed that number processing is significantly
better at predicting where a crime will occur than the conventional approach. The analysis of big data
gave an accurate prediction in 8.5% of cases, while the predictions of experienced professionals did not
even make it to 5%. However, some experts have criticized the expediency and possible side effects of
such measures. Namely, the social need for security could greatly limit the right of individuals to